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How Marketers Can Help In These Crazy Times

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Well, things sure have escalated from mildly alarming to outright insane in the past few days, haven’t they? In the news and online, we’ve all seen stories about small businesses doing their part to help those in need during these uncertain days. Business owners are frantically pushing out online ordering, delivery services, curbside pickup. They’re creating free online activity services, exercise videos, meditation sessions. You name it, anything that can help those who are sick or otherwise affected by this pandemic, businesses are trying their best to help.

Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking and thinking: how can I help too? I mean, let’s face it: nobody needs marketing to survive. It’s not like I can donate 100 social media posts to families in quarantine. So for real, how can I help?

Starting a couple days ago, I’ve noticed local businesses that I frequent have been sending out emails and Facebook posts that have a bit of a frantic tone to them. They’re scrambling to implement online ordering, or delivery services, or curbside pickups. And they’re rushing to get the word out to their customers that they’re still in business, just in a different capacity.

And then all at once, the light bulb went off! Of course I can help! I can help these local small businesses get their online stores up and running; I can help them get their messages out to their customers; I can help them implement their new normal.

Naturally, this is all donepro bono. No charge to you, my fellow small business owners!

So my advice to you as marketers: Think about how many hours you’re able to donate during these wild times, and then reach out to your local small business owners and let them know that you’re here to help. Even donating your expertise and a few hours a week will go a long, long way for these local heroes who are struggling to make major business changes at breakneck speed.

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