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Jenny Wilson

Welcome! I am a precision ag marketer specializing in digital marketing. In 2005, I began working for my family's business, Tru Count, Inc. in Ames, Iowa. We designed and built point row clutches, and innovated the industry's first single-row planter clutch -- the Tru Count Air Clutch. In 2008, Trimble Ag purchased Tru Count, and I continued to work as a marketing specialist for Trimble for several years.


In 2014, I began working as an independent precision ag marketing consultant, and I've been running Wilson Marketing Consulting since then.

I understand first-hand the time and financial constraints involved in small businesses. I completely get what it's like to need help with something, but not enough to hire someone full time. And that's where a consultant like me comes in. Since I'm a consultant, you don't need to pay me a salary, benefits, or vacation so there's no long-term commitment on your end.

Hiring me for your marketing activities will free up your time to do what you enjoy doing. Hope to talk to you soon!

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